Generation Z? 5 Suitable Jobs

If you were born during the late 90’s , namely the early 2000, you belong to Generation Z  (teenagers with ages between 15-18 years). Maybe you shall take your final exams, register for an internships and you shall have many options for a college experience. Still, what jobs do you think are fit for you, according to your daily habits? Let’s see!

1. Tester (Video games) – You love video games and you want to make money of it. Maybe you even want to make video games or to involve in the production department, providing publishing support, for example. Then the first step can be a job as tester for minimum six months – one year. What entails this job? Briefly it implies testing the quality of certain video games which shall be released in the future, (it is not as funny as you may consider this job).

2. Professional dancer – Everybody can dance… In the middle of the club, next to the club, behind the club and so on. But how many people do this professionally? You often listen various songs, you are starry-eyed 20/24, why not trying to do something in this respect? You can consider genres such as: Street Dancing, Latino Dancing, traditional dances and so on.

3. Cosmetics sales representative (for girls), namely IT&C products sales representative (for boys).

You use to make up so often than without make up you do not recognize yourself in the mirror? You make up also your friend and/or the dog and/or the cat? Turn your madness into a steady, prospective occupation. Starting as sales representative for a cosmetics agency, for example, you can evolve to a marketing coordinator position precisely because you shall know very well the cosmetics market, people’s preferences etc.

You worship your smartphone? You look at it during the classes, when you travel by subway, when you say your prayer, when you take a bath, when you dress up, when you eat, when you take an exam (especially here maybe you look at your smartphone very much), then why do not make lobby for the IT&C products?  Thus you can promote the zombie technology for other teenagers that shall become as attached to their smartphone as you are of yours, and this thing shall be an unique experience. You do not think the same?

4. Party Organizer – if your life is a permanent party, why not develop a business line in this respect? Think how many emo teenagers, confused rappers, and heated rockers would come to your parties. Take me down to the paradise city or the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Axl Rose would be proud, excuse me, Justin Bible or  Bouble? Or Biber?

5. Photographer. Selfie…Selfie…Selfie…and look how everyone can become a successful photographer!   Why do you hesitate? Enrol yourself to a qualification course as photographer!

Silviu Botezatu – Staffing Manager, People Solutions / HRS Outsourcing