Access for All, Saint Nicholas for Miniclub Nane!

Friday, 06 December 2013, for the occasion of Saint Nicholas Day, the Access for All association, supported by the group HRS, together with Inmedio, gave gifts to fourteen children with minor and major disabilities from Miniclub Nane, part of the Nane Foundation.

Details of the organization can be found here: Nane Foundation: About Us

Children between the ages of four and sixteen played and smiled with the team from Access for All for an hour, moments which were captured in photographs.

The sponsoring campaign took place in Bucharest, on Theodor Pallady Blvd. nr. 64.

Photo credit: Access for All

The Nane Foundation was founded to offer a secure space for children with disabilities, a space where they could develop socially through programs, games, therapy, or innovative activities.

The central objective of the humanitarian organization consists of building the Nane Center for children with disabilities in the town of Gherghita, Prahova County, a place for recreation and recuperation for children as well as counseling for the parents of said children.

Access for All thanks the foundation for their warm welcome and encourages the sponsoring campaign, this being a natural, human, and always professional work. Indifferent of the disabilities of a person, there always exists an ability, a skill which will help him or her to go forward courageously in life. The role of sponsorship campaigns, recuperation meetings, interactive activities, and counseling sessions must have the following purpose: Awareness of the skills of each one of us.

 “It was one of the few little pleasures that these little ones have. We often feel powerless, not having the necessary financial resources and Saint Nicholas on the part of “Access for All” has done wonders.

In their happiness nothing seems to affect them, not the fact that they can’t talk, not the fact that they can’t run, but in their eyes can be seen their gratitude, as if they want to say


Miniclub “Friends of Nane”

Silviu Botezatu

Access for All