Always close to people

I don’t believe that there is further cause to tell you who we are. We are a young team that desires to evolve and to help others to evolve at the same time.

We are also professionals who are implementing strategic projects, co-financed by the Social European Fund through the Sectoral Operational Program  Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Invest in People.

Because we are all so encompassed by the whirlwind of daily life and of the social changes that take place at both the micro and the macro levels, it is more difficult to remember all that encourages us, even less of those that need more understanding and more respect than we often accord them.

shutterstock_170988695Our dynamic and young team has proposed to reserve itself time affected by professional activites for precicely those people, such that they try (as much as is possible) to constantly refresh  the memory of all. One of the methods we have chosen to remind society that people with disabilities exist, plus their value that we need to promote and to treat at the level of individual merit, is the fact that we have personalized vehicles with small messages which will cause us to think, even at the price of a few seconds, of diversity, humanity, and respect.