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An inclusive society is a healthy environment where the potential of its members, especially those belonging to disadvantaged groups, is valorized, properly used and encouraged, by facilitating the access to all available resources, rights and services. HRS strategies focus on helping and counselling persons to become independent individuals, not dependent by others, through financial support and proactive involvement. The profit is continuously reinvested in social field, financing EU projects and the activity of “Access for All” NGO. WANT TO GET INVOLVED? MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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of the main promoters and active participants in the range of social economy. Due to extensive expertise, have achieved great results by developing and implementing sustainable projects through which we facilitate and impel the integration of persons belonging to vulnerable groups into the labour market.

HRS social strategies focus on helping and counselling persons to become independent individuals, through consistent financial support and proactive involvement. The profit is continuously reinvested in social field, financing EU projects and the activity of “Access for All” NGO.



Direct beneficiaries of HRS initiatives are unemployed persons; persons with disabilities; young people over 18 years old who leave the Child Protection System; women at risk, Roma people.

Our 360° approach is aimed to empower people, to raise the trust factor in themselves by gaining trust in their own capabilities and to determine them to act for their own interest overtaking social and professional barriers. We take care of each individual, applying personalized schemes, creating new lives with bright perspective and generating wonderful and successful life stories.

We strongly believe that, by our efforts, we will be able to make a good change in Romania by building strong relationships, revealing special personalities and useful capabilities of those who belong to disadvantaged categories.

Find out more about HRS EU Projects and the wonderful activity of “Access for All” Association.


Access for All


Established in 2009, “Access for All” is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that promotes and facilitates equal opportunities to education, training and free access to the labour market for persons belonging to disadvantaged categories. By all efforts, the dedicated team ensures continuity for two EU co-financed projects: “Access for All to an inclusive labour market” and “Closer to people through forms of social economy”.


Building up and developing an inclusive society, strongly believing that the environment and mentalities must be adjusted to real needs of disabled persons by:

  • facilitating the access to public spaces and infrastructure
  • unrestricted access to education
  • unrestricted access to labour market and professional inclusion.

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Since 2011, “Access for All” is certified as a legal Sheltered Enterprise for “Diversity and Access” and “Equitable art and commerce”. Persons with disabilities who are affiliated to the NGO manufacture artistic products and decorative elements using paper, wax, glass and many more materials, but also paintings and personalized objects. A full catalogue may be accessed here.

In 2011, have founded three operational entities: “Research and Lobby Centre”, “Vocational Counselling Centre” and “Resources and Training Centre”.

2013 was a prolific year for “Access for All”. Six fundraising events were organized and a very impressive support was offered by some of the main companies in Romania, acting in various industries. Additionally, an enthusiastic team of volunteers came along and got involved in day to day activity.



  • Career counselling
  • Personal development
  • Reasonable adjustment
  • Advocacy & self-advocacy
  • Communication
  • Anxiety management
  • Language development
  • IT&C


PERIODICAL DISCUSSION MEETINGS regarding following subjects:

  • Disability
  • Socio-professional inclusion of persons with disabilities
  • Self-esteem
  • Personal cognition
  • National and international culture
  • National and international traditions.


All workshops are focused on problem identification and solving, aiming to generate active involvement of all participants.


Employing persons with disabilities is a true act of social responsibility. Moreover, legal system protects companies through governmental financial support if labour relations are based on undetermined contractual period and lasts for more than 2 years.

HRS believes in people and acts as a responsible employer, constantly attracting new team members that belong to disadvantaged groups.

Having a wide expertise in social field, “Access for All” provides specialized support and counselling for companies that wish to make a difference in current society:

  • Recruitment of persons belonging to vulnerable groups, mainly persons with disabilities;
  • Reasonable adjustment of working environment to special needs;
  • Counselling programs regarding social inclusion and social economy.



Helped by highly trained counsellors, persons that belong to disadvantaged groups may access development courses through which they become aware of knowledge level and abilities required for specific jobs. The next step is represented by constant support in exploring labour market opportunities and suitable professional training courses that they may access for proper integration.


“Access for All” counsellors act to liaise employees and their employers belonging to disadvantaged categories along entire working process.

Main personnel placement resources:

  • Internship
  • Volunteering in NGOs and Foundations
  • Interim (part-time and full-time).


In 2013, “Access for All” achieved great results regarding counselling, vocational mentoring and professional inclusion by providing customized services. Same year, has participated at ONG Fest events, extended the team with more than 12 volunteers and implemented a sponsorship program, having NANE Foundation as main partner.

Access 2013


  • Donate 2% from your income tax
  • Redirect 20% from your profit tax
  • Choose to hire persons with disabilities and provide proper environment and equipment
  • Visit the online catalogue and buy products manufactured by NGO’s members
  • Consider “Access for All” as a trusting partner in order to access European Social Funds
  • Outsource part of your activity by contracting services provided by persons with disabilities.


One of the main objectives of our organization is to establish the premises for the development of a society that will not bring into question aspects such as protection measures, support and opportunities generator initiatives as being exceptional situations, but as being part of everyday normality. HRS is a structure of social economy that promotes social inclusion of people with disabilities and supports the inclusion of those exposed to social exclusion.

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