How do I choose my profession?

The right college? The best workplace? The domain where I can get a qualification for? It is advisable to find the answers for these questions informing yourself and not relying just on the recommendations of friends or relatives. Why? You will find out.

It is more difficult to choose something based only on the recommendations of friends if you do not find out what the recommended domain/profession exactly supposes, considering it only a money-making and easy job, and that John the neighbor, or Marcela the cousin succeeded in life because they graduated Business Management and they were hired by an uncle (the funny and smart uncle) at the company where his best friend is employed… Super, what a professional path!

When you choose a job based on recommendations even if it is money-making but it doesn’t fit your expectations or you are not satisfied with it,  it could cost you much more than money, namely: lack of enthusiasm, boredom, you will spend a lot of money just to compensate the lack of adrenalin from the job etc.

Try to get information from national institutions, vocational training agencies, recruitment agencies, vocational counselors, internet, teachers you trust on which jobs you would like to try.

You could start asking yourself the following questions and try to answer honestly, without rushing into things:

  1. Why do I want to make a career in this domain?
  2. What are the professional perspectives if I choose this domain? (law, psychology, medicine, chemistry, physics, agriculture and so on…)
  3. There are some certifications  that I need in order for me to officially work in X domain?
  4. What salary can I get working in this particular domain/job
  5. How many professionals are there in my country in this domain? Could I talk to some of them?
  6. Approximately since when does the job I’m thinking about exist on the labor market?
  7. What draws me to this profession?
  8. What more queries do I have?
  9. What are the professions corresponding the the faculty I graduated?
  10. I am not quite satisfied with what I have learned at college, however what could I do next?  Are there jobs where I could learn what I haven’t learned yet? Or could I get a better professional qualification through an internship?


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