How To Properly Attend a Job Fair?

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A Job Fair is organized several times per year. In Bucharest, Romania, for instance, such events take place seven or eight times a year. This way the attending companies provides career opportunities for candidates in various fields.

How can a candidate be successful during a Job Fair? The answer would be: He must be prepared. But what does it mean to be prepared? Let’s see:

Preparing for the job fair – print your resume in multiple exemplaries (after you verify that there are no spelling/grammar errors, it is clear, having a fresh look, clear fonts and so on).  Even if you are informed to bring only one exemplary of your resume (because it will be registred online by every single company) it is better to bring more copies of your it with you because tehnological devices could have connection problems, delays, lack of compatibility with some mechanisms and many more.

Courage – even if you are well dressed, do not expect from the attending companies to tell you: Come to us, we will provide you the entire information. Take the initiative and ask questions, tell them why do you wish to aply for a job. Representatives of the companies will often write on your resume the job you wish to obtain as well as other information regarding  your objectives and skills. Within 30-60 seconds range you can ask questions, send your message and write on your CV (with the interlocutor) key information. For example: the candidate wishes to work as an IT consultant; he/she was involved in an internship program … he/she can use X program and so on.

Approach also companies that do not have jobs that are in accordance with your profile/domain. Think in perspective and ask if you can register your resume for future opportunities. It is recommended to do so especially when you interact with recruitment agencies.  Search via internet and find out right now how important for you can be a recruitment company. You will see things in a more positive way. You may even contact such an agency and talk to a human resources consultant. Within 2 minutes you can get information about the advantages regarding the projects you could be involved in now or in the future.

Do not graze along the company’s stands just to show them how cute or “cool” you are – you will not impress them. If you decide to start a conversation with them, do not begin with “What do you have for me” or “what is here, what do you deal with” or “I have never heard about you”; “I heard about you … yes… yes… interesting, I don’t know if you can help me”; “Why are you rejecting me so fast?” It is nothing about that but think that there are so many other people who are waiting and that anyway, your resume was registered, your first objective is fulfilled.  Be polite – “Hello, can I talk to you for a moment…” – a short example.

Moreover, if you are asked by the representative of a company to fill in an application form, then do it, don’t say: “OK, maybe later, now I have to check other companies as well” Take 3-5 minutes to fill in the document.  Those minutes could be an inteligent investment, namely a specific job. On the other hand, if you do not take the 3-5 minutes then you could risk much more days, months maybe to identify a job.     

Perseverence Try to understand each company’s policy and principles. Strive to approach all attending companies without exagerating the duration of the conversation (discussions of 1-2 minutes each are usually sufficient). During the conversation ask questions about the company’s goals, express your skills, be optimistic, hand in your CV, and also try to get a business card or general contact information. At the same time your decency and professionalism will help your interlocutors to get an idea concerning your principles. Thus, if one of them asks you questions and the discussion extendes, relax and enjoy. It is a good sign. Continue.

Decency: Regardless of your experience, or successes or failures you have had think that you are at that job fair because you want to achieve something. The lack of initiative or an arrogant, lampoonist and aggressive behavior will prevent companies from providing you whatever you want. You will probably get something from those that approve such behavior – but usually they pay employees under the counter,do notprovide stability, are not well organized.  You have only one solution: Be decent,  civilized, calm and quick at the same time. Smile and send your CV promptly – provide also a breaf description about yourself – what you can do best, what you want to improve, what are your goals, what you can offer and take time to listen to your interlocutor. Do not interrupt him/her when you have an idea, find a moment to augment his/her argument/description.         

Recommendation: read this guide few hours before you are going to attend a job fair. Repeat this action by participating to 3 or 4 fairs, until you get used to.

Offer this guide to your friends too.

Job Fairs do not wait for you. You have to find them.

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Silviu Botezatu / Staffing Manager / HRS Outsourcing