Employment EU Projects

With over 7 years of experience at national and international level, HRS maintained one of the leading positions among Romanian specialized companies that manage and implement successful Human Resources projects co-financed by European Social Funds (HRDP).


HRS impreuna cu partenerii Fundatia Solidaritate si Speranta Iasi si LaConseil S.R.L. Iasi, desfasoara proiectul “yes4IES”, ID: 127158 in perioada 09.09.2019 -  08.09.2022. Proiectul isi propune integrarea pe piata fortei de munca a persoanelor din grupuri vulnerabile, prin crearea unui ecosistem de intreprinderi sociale, de tip start-up, in Regiunea de dezvoltare Nord-Est.

Antreprenor Diaspora RO_ES

HRS impreuna cu PNC si Asociatia SALVA prin proiectul “Antreprenor Diaspora RO_ES” proiect care se desfasoara in perioada 28.09.2017 – 27.09.2020 va sprjini romanii care sunt plecati in strainatate sa isi deschida afaceri in Romania. Proiectul va stimula dezvoltarea antreprenoriatului in tara prin subventionarea a 26 de afaceri active in mediul urban din Romania.


HRS impreuna cu partenerii LaConseil S.R.L. Iasi si Fundatia Solidaritate si Speranta Iasi desfasoara proiectul “BonAntreprenor”, ID 104893, in perioada 16.02.2018 – 15.02.2021, care va sprjini tineri, someri, persoane varstnice, femei casnice sa isi deschida afaceri în zonele urbane ale celor 6 judete aflate in regiunea de NORD-EST a Romaniei.

Construieste-ti viitorul!

HRS in parteneriat cu Asociatia pentru Dezvoltarea Antreprenoriatului Feminin si Power Net Consulting SRL lanseaza proiectul „Construieste-ti viitorul!” (POCU/82/3/7/104802), proiect cofinantat din Fondul Social European prin Programul Operational Capital Uman 2014-2020.

VAST – Vulnerable but Socially Active Like You

As of 15/10/2014 the financing contract HRD / 168 / 6.1 / S / 145566 is under development for the project “VAST – Vulnerable but socially active like You”, funded by the Operational Sectorial Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Priority 6 “Promoting social inclusion”, Key Area of Intervention 6.1 – “Developing social economy”.

Social Entrepreneurship for Local Communities

The development of social economy in Bucharest – Ilfov, South – Muntenia, North – West, Center regions as an opportunity to create innovative and flexible jobs in the social economy sector. As part of this project, will be establish 10 Structures of Social Economy, 8 in rural areas: Clothing Workshop (, Mures County), Dentistry Clinic (Afumati Ilfov County), Short Movies Studio (Barcanesti, Ialomita County); Educational Center (Drajna de Jos, Prahova County); Beauty Salon (Balotesti, Ilfov County); Digital Printing (Balotesti, Ilfov County); Products Branding Workshop (Cumpana, Constanta County) and 2 in urban areas: Children’s Educational Center (Bucharest); Dentistry Clinic (Fierbinti, Ialomita County).

Partnership for employment

HRS joined Motivation Romania Foundation, along with their partners Goals UK CIC, Special Olympics Foundation of Romania, Judicial Agency for Ilfov Workforce Employment, Judicial Agency for German Workforce Employment, Judicial Agency for Constanta Workforce Employment , as a premises of a new project – PARTNERS FOR EMPLOYMENT in the Bucharest-Ilfov, South-West and South Muntenia regions.

The project will have a duration of 18 months, more precisely between 31.03.2014 and 29.09.2015.

Motivation for Employment

800 persons belonging to vulnerable groups will benefit of specialized support for accessing the labour market

HRS as Partner, along with Motivation Romania Foundation, Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection, Goals UK CIC, Special Olympics Romania Foundation have launched the project “Motivation for Employment” (Motivare pentru Ocupare) dedicated to persons belonging to vulnerable groups who need to access the labour market in Romania. The project is co-financed from European Social Fund through Operational Sectorial Program Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013 – Invest in people! (POSDRU/165/6.2/S/140197).

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