Social Economy Fair – A True Success

Between 25-28 April 2013 at the Caro-Golf Complex in Bucharest took place the social economy fair organized by HR Specialists in partnership with the RENINCO Association, as a part of the project “Closer to People through Forms of Social Economy,” financed through the Social European Fund through the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013

The fair had as its principal purpose the exposure/sale of products and the promotion of services performed by people with disabilities. The event was attended by fifty exhibitors representing authorized protected units, sheltered workshops, special schools, associations and foundations from the regions of Bucharest-Ilfov and South Muntenia, whose objective was the promotion of authenticity, values, and beauty of activities performed by people who take part in structures of social economy.

The exhibit, at which were products were presented and sold and/or services were promoted, represented a true success drawing around eight hundred visitors, among which were Prince Paul, Princess Lia, and European Parliament member Daciana Sârbu.

The principal products being offered were decorative objects with an Easter theme: candles, painted eggs, figurines, baskets with colored eggs, greeting cards, icons painted on wood, etc. Other products offered at the fair included paintings on canvas/stone, quilling products, ink and watercolor paintings, books, accessories, clothing, etc. Services presented at the fair included relaxing and medicinal massage, translation services, IT consultation, etc.

The program also included an exchange of experience between people with disabilities and UPA managers/specialists, an information session whose theme was Networking/Portal UPA, and demonstration workshops organized by the exhibitors.

The theme of these activities was the promotion of communication between employers and people with disabilities looking for a job and the visible growth of potential of people with disabilities, facilitating their access to the labor market.

The meetings also provided a good opportunity for the participants to discuss their individual employment experiences (as a person with disabilities as well as an employer of people with disabilities), to point out difficulties and solutions to facilitate employment on the labor market, and to collaborate in future activities.

HRS and the RENINCO Association thank all the people who participated at this fair and who contributed to the promotion and socio-professional integration of people with disabilities.

We hope that you’ll continue to be with us in future editions!