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We bring people and ideas together, breaking linguistic and cultural barriers, building up conceptual bridges. Relay on a European 3C Strategy for your business to succeed and become more approachable to internal or external environment.


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HRS 3C’s (Cross – Cultural Communication) portfolio includes: certified linguistic trainings, on-site interpreting services, telephonic interpreting services, documents translations plus integrated services.

Our goal is to help individuals understand each other by bridging cultural and communication gaps. Effective communication is more than words, no matter if it is about inter-personal or business relations. HRS team of trainers, translators and interpreters is well trained and highly skilled to communicate not just the words, but also cultural nuances, traditions and customs, in order to ensure that the intended message is not “lost in translation”.

Moreover, we provide integrated services shaped on ethical approach with deep respect over personal privacy and individual needs. Professional partners with wide experience at international level!


Linguistic Courses

Mentor for future top professionals.

Either you want to learn a foreign language or just to improve your conversational skills; our training schemes provide one of the best in class learning platform. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Romanian are just part of our offer designed entirely to suit your needs.

We are all activating in an international environment, even if we talk about day to day job or extracurricular activities. When discovering the true meaning of words, places, people and things reveal their essence.

  • HRS is one of the main providers of linguistic courses, assessed by relevant bodies and authorities and found to have high levels of quality and an impeccable reputation. We benefit from the expertise of some of the world’s leading publishers of language teaching materials: Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Hachette, Hâtier–Didier etc.
  • With a flexible approach and complete understanding of business environment dynamics, linguistic courses are delivered upon clients’ availability and even on their premises. In addition, we deliver informal training sessions with distance learning options mediated by modern technology: e-training, telephone and webcam.
  • All our courses are taught by fully authorized and friendly trainers that ensure compliance to European educational standards along entire learning stages. Adapted to real working life, these trainings satisfy both organizational and individual needs, being focused on individual needs. Flexibility in terms of schedule, location, method and teaching materials have consolidated our position in the top of the main reliable suppliers.

We ensure that we use the most effective learning methods and we use case studies collected from specific business environment so that we deliver tangible results and those who attend our courses can immediately apply what they learn.

Using interactive methods, HRS Linguistic ensures a perfect balance between traditional and informal approach for a better adjustment to modern business trends and specific needs of your employees.

For individuals who wish to prepare for TOEFL, ZD, IELTS, Cambridge, DELF or Test Daft, our trainers provide customized open courses.


Un día voy a hablar español perfectamente. We are here to help you reach your dream! If you wish to make one step forward to become an impeccable professional, ask the support of HRS Expert. We open gates for bright perspectives.

Join an open world full of challenging opportunities!