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We bring people and ideas together, breaking linguistic and cultural barriers, building up conceptual bridges. Relay on a European 3C Strategy for your business to succeed and become more approachable to internal or external environment.


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HRS 3C’s (Cross – Cultural Communication) portfolio includes: certified linguistic trainings, on-site interpreting services, telephonic interpreting services, documents translations plus integrated services.

Our goal is to help individuals understand each other by bridging cultural and communication gaps. Effective communication is more than words, no matter if it is about inter-personal or business relations. HRS team of trainers, translators and interpreters is well trained and highly skilled to communicate not just the words, but also cultural nuances, traditions and customs, in order to ensure that the intended message is not “lost in translation”.

Moreover, we provide integrated services shaped on ethical approach with deep respect over personal privacy and individual needs. Professional partners with wide experience at international level!


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Rely on us for accurate and professional translation services.

More than 200 specialized translators for various domains, all languages, 24/7 availability, over 7 years of experience and our care for your reputation are just few of the reasons to work with HRS.

Our expertise covers translation, cultural adjustment, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in any field of activity, at best prices. For any request, HRS experts provide 60 minutes complete estimation of costs and delivery term.

Why HRS Translations is the perfect choice for your business?

  • Our resources cover a wide spectrum of highly specific domains, having, at any time, the capability to meet requests from areas as business, legal, technical and scientific, pharmaceutical, high-tech, aviation, marketing, finance, accounting and not only. Please contact us for a customized offer.
  • HRS Translations uses exclusively professional translators and native speakers, authorized by the Ministry of Justice. Their competencies are certified and periodically reconfirmed through testing and verification. We are committed to quality therefore we carefully select our partners. Confidentiality is not an issue due to our strict policy in support of our customer oriented services.
  • HRS Translation portfolio includes from small to large projects from various domains that require exquisite qualification such as official documents and certificates, contracts, websites, bids and judicial documentation, medical prospects, commercial proposals, user’s manuals, technical procedures. 
  • We do not only translate your documents but we also adjust them through copy-writing to cultural and local specificity to convey the initial meaning. It is very important for us to provide you a useful instrument for your business, in accordance to final destination usage.
  • Translators with specific expertise and relevant skills handle projects that require deep understanding and accurate interpretation.
  • Each project is subject to a thoughtful analyzing. First we evaluate the material and then choose the most suitable translator.
  • Along each project, we closely supervise the translation progress and constantly apply quality control procedures in order to ensure consistency and coherency of the final document.
  • Translators focus on one project at a time. This is to certify that we aim to deliver high quality in compliance to the agreed dead-line.
  • Large projects benefit of a special working scheme, HRS having the resources to split them between several translators but ensuring consistency of the final documents and coherency between sections.
  • We provide one of the fastest translations services with affordable and correct delivery terms. No matter if your headquarter is located in Romania or abroad, HRS Translations handles all logistical aspects for your documents to be safely delivered all over the world.
  • For every document we guarantee proof-reading.
  • Our discount policy is transparent and comes to support your translation and customization needs.
  • We do not apply extra fees for Project Management
  • We do not apply extra fees for printed version of the document if the order covers delivery exclusively on hard copy.


If you have a document that must be translated or you organize an event for which you need specialized interpretation, just contact the HRS Expert. We are committed to providing best in class solutions for your business!

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