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Project Management

style=”text-align: justify;”>Our aim is to lead positive social change by empowering companies, governments and communities reach their full potential with best in class integrated business solutions. With over 15 years of experience at national and international level, HRS achieved and maintained one of the leading positions among Romanian specialized companies that manage and implement successful Human Resources projects co-financed by European Social Funds (HRDP).

HRS portfolio includes, at this time, more than 30 European Projects implemented as Applicant & Partner which generated a positive social impact with consistent results in Romania.

Development of human capital and increased competitiveness, by linking education and lifelong learning with the labor market and ensuring increased opportunities for future participation on a modern, flexible and inclusive labor market are the main objectives of our initiatives.

  • Promoting quality initial and continuous education and training, including higher education and research;
  • Promoting entrepreneurial culture and improving quality and productivity at work;
  • Facilitating the young people and long term unemployed insertion in the labor market;
  • Developing a modern, flexible, inclusive labor market;
  • Promoting (re)insertion in the  labor market  of inactive people, including in rural areas
  • Improving public employment services;
  • Facilitating access to education and to the labor market of the vulnerable groups.


Areas of expertise:

  • Innovation – Research and Development
  • Human Resources Development
  • Competitiveness
  • Rural and Agricultural Development
  • IT&C Development
  • Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection


Part of the projects we finalized as a consultant:

  • Prepare today for tomorrow’s career! (Project value of 980.195, 97 lei)
  • Access for All on an inclusive labour market (Project value of 6.278.240 lei)
  • Closer to people through forms of social economy (Project value of 5.675.050 lei)
  • Postdoctoral programmes at the front end of excellence research in the Technologies of Information Society and the development of innovative products and processes
  • “Psychological testing and professional counselling”, Project title: “Employment Initiatives in Rural Areas” Project co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013 Invest in people!


Access for All

Access for All on an inclusive labour market

The project is co-financed from the resources of the European Social Fund through the Operational Programme Development of Human Resources 2007-2013, “Invest in People”, priority axis 6, Key area of intervention 6.2 – Improving access and participation of vulnerable groups in the labour market”. The project implementation period is: 1 November, 2010 – 31 October, 2013.


The overall project objective is to improve and develop a framework of knowledge, organization and running employment processes for vulnerable people and also lead an active promotion of optimal measures foreseen for them during their social integration. The project is dedicated to the integration of people that pertain to vulnerable groups: young persons, people with disabilities, women, unemployed persons etc.


The project “Access for All, on an Inclusive Labour Market” is implemented by HR Specialists in association with APEL Service Association.

The Apel Association was founded in 2006 to become a service specialized in professional integration of persons that are in difficulty.

The programs provided by the association are concentrated in the area of services for persons that find themselves in marginalized situations and social exclusion.


  • 88 people belonging to vulnerable groups participated to the programs of training and qualification
  • 511 people received professional guidance/counseling and mediation
  •  262 women participating in project’s activities
  • 53 people with disabilities participating in project’s activities
  • 28 Roma people participating in project’s activities
  • 88 new jobs created
  • 1 Guide for reasonable configuration and adjustment of the workplace for people with different types of disability
  • A complete study covering for each county regarding the employment situation of disadvantaged persons
  • 1 Pact for increased employment level.


We consider the public-private partnerships an effective way to improve society, therefore we constantly promote the economic model of social economy and by our expertise we are able to assist any company that would like to benefit of EU funds. Depending on the type of project, we can offer our consultancy support or become your full partner. Contact us and we will offer you the best solutions!

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