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Talent acquisition, talent management, compensation and benefits, leadership development, succession planning, organizational development, diversity, inclusion and innovation all make the HR function critical to organizational success. We conduct professional recruitment sessions at competitive costs and place quality at the center of everything we do.


In the past seven years, HRS has managed  projects in various domains as: retail, pharmacy, IT&C, tourism, banking, construction, legal, automotive, consultancy, marketing, accounting, back office, call center etc. By our support and constant involvement, thousands of persons have obtained the perfect job, from interns and entry-level to highest rank of the organizational hierarchy.


HRS_humanresourceservicesFrom general search to head hunting, our team of experts covers any type of recruitment project that suits the needs of your company.


Companies that are able to attract and develop exceptional talent, efficiently manage and deploy that talent and establish benefits programs that motivate the right behaviors have a fundamental advantage over competitors who lag in these areas. HRS is here to support such efforts through a wide portfolio of services and technical expertise at European standards.


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Payroll & Workforce Management

Versatile business partner that converts expertise in added value for your organization.

HRS Paypartners manages people, situations and regulations in perfect compliance to organizational policies, just like a HR Department incorporated into your company. We efficiently work by the book, balancing internal culture to the pragmatic aspects of HR administrative procedures.

Ensuring strict confidentiality of managed information, we provide integrated services covering the entire Payroll Administrative Functions at a high quality level. Moreover, aiming for your organization to consolidate a strong and trustful HR division, we conduct constant evaluation sessions, providing corrective actions that must be implemented.

HR Admin

  • Preparation of the employment documentation
  • Preparation and registration of individual employment contracts at the Labor Inspectorate via the electronic system ReGES/REVISAL
  • Preparation and registration of additional documents, decisions of suspension and of termination of individual employment contracts
  • Preparation of certificates required by the company’s employees
  • Preparation of any reports regarding personnel, requested by the client


  • Collection and checking of payroll data
  • Accuracy and timeliness in payroll calculation
  • Delivery of pay slips, payroll sheets, centralizers of wages and taxes
  • Preparation and registration of the statement 112
  • Prepare annual wage reports to employees
  • Provide any payroll reports, upon customer’s request

Consulting Services

  •  HR activity management in full compliance and respect of the Labor Law
  • Preparation of job descriptions for each employee
  • Preparation of the Internal Regulation
  • Assistance in structuring the Collective Labor Agreement, at unit level
  • Periodic informative briefs on legislative changes in the field

Occupational safety & health

  • Informing and training employees regarding occupational safety and health
  • Liaising with occupational health centers
  • Organizing the medical visits for employment and periodical medical visits
  • Defining training needs and setting the periodicity of trainings for each position
  • General introductory training, knowledge testing, filling in individual occupational health and safety documentation.


If your team needs a strong HR Department, HRS Paypartners is the perfect solution.

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