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Talent acquisition, talent management, compensation and benefits, leadership development, succession planning, organizational development, diversity, inclusion and innovation all make the HR function critical to organizational success. We conduct professional recruitment sessions at competitive costs and place quality at the center of everything we do.


In the past seven years, HRS has managed  projects in various domains as: retail, pharmacy, IT&C, tourism, banking, construction, legal, automotive, consultancy, marketing, accounting, back office, call center etc. By our support and constant involvement, thousands of persons have obtained the perfect job, from interns and entry-level to highest rank of the organizational hierarchy.


HRS_humanresourceservicesFrom general search to head hunting, our team of experts covers any type of recruitment project that suits the needs of your company.


Companies that are able to attract and develop exceptional talent, efficiently manage and deploy that talent and establish benefits programs that motivate the right behaviors have a fundamental advantage over competitors who lag in these areas. HRS is here to support such efforts through a wide portfolio of services and technical expertise at European standards.


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Placement & Talent Management

Because we think that the best candidate is not only the most qualified for the position, but also the one who will enjoy his/her stay in your company, we place the human at the heart of our selection process to offer both companies and employees a cooperative and fruitful collaboration.

As a renowned specialized provider in talent management, we hold the key for a successful research. At any moment, we can provide a data base of potential candidates that were previously interviewed and validated in compliance to current competencies required by top employers. Applying customized techniques and screening solutions, HRS experts help you accurately identify proper human resources with high potential, drive development, accelerate readiness and support transitions to a new or enlarged team. We are keen to help you identify internal and external HR talent and develop these specialists through engaging, proven solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Our mission is to lead organizations on the challenging path of attracting, developing and retaining exquisite talents. Therefore we consider research as the driving force behind HRS best practices.

Often called headhunting or executive search, HRS certified experts actively apply a selective process composed of different steps, summarized below, in order to offer you the best candidates.

  • Assessment of the profile requested by our client;
  • Research and contact of candidates matching the criteria;
  • First selection process to assess the motivation and compliance of skills and qualification to settled key features;
  • Second selection process to filter the best candidates by applying best HR techniques and psychological screening;
  • Presentation of the candidates to the clients;
  • Support the recruiter in testing process and closing up the recruitment project.


Let us bring in the aces in your team! We are hunting for exquisite personalities, bright minds and professional performance. Reliable and correct, HRS is your HR partner.

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