Very Timorous? Awesome Jobs For You!


Does it seem hard when you are trying to ask a colleague for help when you are uncertain about a task? Are you having a harsh time when you communicate in public? Sometimes you tremble when you are trying to team-work? Do you hate the idea that others depend on your actions? Let’s see what your options are!

You must know from the beginning that whether you work alone or surrounded by a variety of people, your actions will influence other individuals. So, don’t think very often that you will have an all-alone-no one cares and no one cries activity and understand that it’s not a tragedy if other people depend on your actions, but on the contrary, they may even help you to know better a context, a situation etc. Will you fail? It is possible, yes. Will you rectify your mistakes and will you become more skilled in what you do? Certainly!

Below there is a list of career options that you can take into consideration even in your freaking shy condition.

  1. Import-Export Agent (Product Procurement and/or Distribution for example).You have to maintain contact with suppliers discussing/negotiating the offers as well as the acquisition/distribution process, centralizing the details of the discussions and making decisions for products purchase/sale /distribution/ /storage. This activity requires, mostly, phone and online communication.
  2. IT&C Responsible/Network Administrator (trying to fix requests of your colleagues to make an e-mail address, to install/repair printers, update database, troubleshoot, to install software/hardware, etc).
  3. Accountant (discounts, internal requests, paying suppliers and so on … basically you will have administrative attributes all the time).
  4. Hair Stylist/Hairdresser (Practicing this job, in time, you can do it very well, and you can gain an impressive number of customers. Possible to work in weekends).
  5. Designer. Are you interested in architecture? Do you draw quite often? Do you wish to learn how to use design programs like 3D Max or AutoCAD? Very well. This job implies designing certain objects (chairs, windows and so on.)
  6. Stage director/Screen writer. If you show passion for literature, film, theatre etc. and you want to involve somehow in this direction, you can take into consideration a screen writer career for example.
  7. Driver/Distributor/Courier (Write down location. Deliver. Job Done).
  8. Writer/News editor (you already know these options, maybe you will take them in consideration – seriously).
  9. Secretary/Assistant Manager (although this job requires a permanent interaction with the customers, colleagues, suppliers and so on, the job itself consists of directing the above mentioned persons to other people or of centralising different information, arranging meeting rooms, give administrative support in various conferences, meetings, events).
  10. Call Center Agent (Telephone Operator). You will use a certain type of communication with your interlocutors – type that, in time, you will be able to customize according to your gained experience.
  11. Librarian. A fine workplace. You have the opportunity to work 8 hours a day being surrounded by books from many domains.
  12. Seller (salesclerk) in a bookstore. A quiet and tidy environment for work, without too much hassle. Exactly as you like it!
  13. Designer (fashion for example).
  14. Painter/Object Artist (you can personalize objects and attend many exhibitions dedicated to handmade objects)
  15. Graphic designer (creating posters, flyers, business cards in Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator).
  16. Mechanic/Garage Owner. You can work within an Auto Service, within an agency of a well-known brand, you can develop an important number of customers.
  17. Translator. Do you master a foreign language? Are you an authorized translator or are you going to become one? Think about it! You can organize your time.
  18. Reviewer (especially if you have experience in literature, journalism, mass-media)
  19. Tickets controller (on the train for example. A peaceful job but which can  cause physical or mental stress because of the numerous travels and the noise you are surrounded by – you are in a train after all).
  20. Database operator/data entry. The computer will be your closest colleague. You will update very often different information (depending on the company’s profile)
  21. Editor (books, magazines, newsletters, you name it…)

There are many jobs that are right for you. Much more than the ones described in this article.

It is important to be aware of the fact that you can explore any job as long as you want a change. Maybe you choose a job which is comfortable, indeed, but it is possible that in time you will notice that you can do more and observe your fears as a sign that you are alive, that you feel very well what happens around you and that you do not have to always avoid everything but rather understand certain life circles. Try also something that is not super comfortable for you and maybe you will like it and find out some new things regarding your personality, your life, regarding you.

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Silviu Botezatu – Staffing Manager, People Solutions / HRS Outsourcing