Want a second job? Find out how to use part of your free time

Do you think that you could earn a supplementary income through activities connected to work? If you are already thinking along these lines, it means that the only thing left is to establish what you need to do to put your ideas into practice.

At the beginning it is recommended to visualize the free time that you have available. From the beginning don’t think you need to completely fill all of your free time—to function at the optimal rate, you need to rest/relax/entertain yourself. After you’ve finalized your visualization, look at when you could make time for a second job. Saturday? Perhaps Friday? On weekdays after 4:00 pm?

The next step consists of identifying the second job. Where would you like to work? Perhaps you would like to be a sales/real estate agent, an assistant manager, a data operator, a trainer, call center operator—here, for example, you can negotiate to work on the weekend—and so on. After you’ve decided, try to find jobs through the internet, acquaintances, human recourses agencies, etc. You can even consult the list of available jobs in the country which you can find at Agentia Nationala Pentru Ocuparea Fortelor de Munca (ANOFM).

If you succeed in finding a second job according to your own conditions, try in the first month to see how much time it takes you to fulfill the requirements of the respective job, whether we’re talking about sales, call center, customer service, and so on.

Pay attention to your health. If your second job is too demanding and you believe or feel that you’re putting your health on the line, think about the fact that instead of paying for medication, hospital costs, or other things that are more or less pleasant, it’s better to be grateful for a single, stable job. Certainly you can try to identify other jobs as well that you feel fit you well, the important thing is to try!

Also, it can happen that through one of your present activities that you currently do in your free time you can earn an income. For example, if you habitually clean your house, assemble things, read, etc., perhaps you can do this for other companies, as well. Perhaps a job as a decorator, designer, or other similar opportunities is “following” you.