What it means to have good backups in life

How often have you been told that your proposal isn’t good enough or that it doesn’t fit the context? Every time you finish a project or propose an idea you can be rejected. Are you prepared for a “NO”? How do you react in these situations? Do you give up or do you continue?

I consider that when we advance a proposal, it’s not enough to have only a single idea.

Create a plan or even two back-up plans.  Perhaps the first idea isn’t a great fit, the second perhaps draws attention, but at the third, the person whom you’re addressing will be happy that you had more than one option. Thus it increases your chances that one of your proposals will be accepted.

How can having backups help us? It’s very simple: we will offer certainty both to people and situations which depend on us as well as to ourselves. By doing so unforeseen circumstances which can appear in various situations will find us prepared.

In regards to finances, try to have an account (a savings account, for example) or even a piggy bank in which you deposit money monthly. Establish an amount of money that you want to routinely save. Also, in your daily experiences try to take precautionary measures, but do not focus only on such—keep a balance between risk and precaution so that you can be prepared for any situation.

Don’t give up. If your ideas are rejected don’t let it discourage you; make it a weapon of motivation, challenge yourself, and give it your best. Positive competition can lead to creativity and successful ideas.

Consider well when you have to make a decision. Analyze and try to identify what implications it has.

Establish your boundaries and exceed them, but don’t forget continuous preparation and constant exercise. Continually motivate yourself! Develop yourself professionally, establish a plan and follow it. Try to think of methods that correspond with your objectives and which will lead you to their realization.

I think that we need to think very well about the things that we wish and want to do. To recognize what the steps are that help us to obtain our principal objective and to follow them. It’s very important to have secondary objectives as well which we can more easily obtain, but which we consider to be “fruit of the tree”.

It is important to have intelligent backups so that you will be able to face challenges, and this will be your advantage over the competition. With a backup you will “shine”; you can gain appreciation, respect, and personal motivation. It’s the way to win. When you have at least two good ideas for a project, you increase your chances to win.

Establish your priorities and achieve your goals! Go and conquer what you have to conquer!